Private Classes

Private classes are ideal for clients with serious injuries or clients with specific needs.

During a Private Pilates Class, you get to work with an instructor on a one – on – one basis.


Private Pilates classes are ideal for clients with a specific injury or a very new injury and who are fresh out of the rehab process from a physiotherapist or Biokineticist.

During your Body Assesment we will make sure to get all the information regarding your injuries as well as get in contact with your Physio and Bio who did your rehab to ensure that you receive a safe and well-prepared rehabilitation programme.

Pilates is great for end-phase rehabilitation!

Working in a Private Pilates class will help you get the basics of core and body mechanics right and will inevitably prevent puture injury.

Rehabilitation is a passion of ours and we aim to keep ourselves well informed and up to date with the knowledge of anatomy and the rehabilitation on injuries!


Private Pilates Classes are not only for the clients with injuries!

Pilates Co. is equipped with state of the art equipment like the Reformer / Cadillac, otherwise known as Pilates Beds.

If you are an experienced Pilates goer and crave a challenge for your body and Pilates routine, you will love these beds!

Working with the resistance of springs and straps, it will challenge your Pilates workout in a greater way than only just the Mat repertoire.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: R 290/p/session DROP IN FEE

R 2240/month – twice weekly or r 1120/month – once weekly