Duet Classes

Training with a partner can be a great motivator and lots of fun or you might be a couple who wants to start exercising together. Remember… Pilates is FANTASTIC for men as well!

Working in a duet class, you will have access to specialised equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair. 

The Wunda chair gives you a full body workout without you even realizing it! Its design and spring resistance makes for a great exercise and a little more of a challenge.

We also classify it as a semi-private class, and thus ideal for beginners or clients with specific needs (fitness goals / injuries / rehabilitation).

You might be finishing up an end-phase rehab programme and due to the strength you have gained, you need less one – on – one attention.

You will then be elligible for doing a duet session with a partner, but will still have the semi-exclusive trained eye of the instructor, keeping an eye out for any compensation you might make.

The instructor will also be able to keep your specific programme in mind as she plans your session.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cost: R 190/p/session DROP IN FEE

R 1440/p/month – twice weekly  or   R 720/p/month – once weekly

Couples: R 2500 / month – twice weekly or R 1200/ month – once weekly