Body Assessment

To determine your client-specific programme, a thorough Body Assessment is done. 

This consists of a Posture Analysis and Body Testing. 

Posture Analysis involves looking at the body from head to toe, to determine the type of posture.
  • We start from the neck down to the shoulders and Thoracic spine to determine the position that the client holds their head and carries their shoulders.
  • Moving down to the hips and Lumbar spine, these two have a direct effect on each other. The position of the pelvis will determine the position of the lower back.
  • The position of the knees and ankles are assessed as well as the placement of the feet.
The body testing entails a range of exercises and stretches to fully determine the client’s strength and flexibility as well as the compensations that the client will start to make after a series of 20 repititions at least.
The following will be tested:
  • Core strength
  • Ab strength
  • Strength and endurance of the Glutes
  • Strength and endurance of the Hip Flexors and Quads
  • Flexibility of the Hamstrings, Glutes, Quadriveps and Hip Flexors
  • Arm strength
  • Shoulder range and flexibility
  • Shoulder stability
  • Spinal range and flexibility
  • Strength of the upper back extensions
  • Ankle stability
  • Hip stability

When determining a client’s programme, all these points need to be taken into account as some movements can be contra-indicated to your posture type or injury that you might have.

You are unique! Each client has a different posture and body type as well as level of strength and flexibility. Thus each client needs a specific programme to meet their specific needs. At Pilates Co. it is important to us that every class meets the client’s expectations and training needs.


Duration: 2 hours

Cost: R350